Nine (9) Tips How to Make Your Hips Appear Wider

how to make your hips appear wider

Having wide, curvy hips is often viewed as an attractive feminine trait. But the big question most women ask is how to make their hips appear wider.

Nevertheless, not every woman is born with a naturally hourglass body.

If you wish to increase your curves, there are ways to build an illusion of larger hips. This article will provide tips on how to make your hips look wider through exercise, clothing choices, posture adjustments, and padding.

How to Make Your Hips Appear Wider

The following paragraphs will explain to you the different methods to practice and make your hips appear wider.

9. Do exercises that enhance the curve.

You can also build up muscles to increase the size and roundness of your hips with specific exercises that target the hips and thighs.

Do exercises that tone and activate your hip abductors and adductors, like side lunges, clamshells, squats, hip thrusts, and resistance band side steps. Building up these muscles gives a wider, more lifted shape to your hips for a curvier silhouette. Please be mindful not to overdo it on slim hips and slender structures.

Some added shape from muscles can accentuate curves, but too much bulk may overwhelm a petite build.

8. Change Your Posture

How you stand and pose makes a big difference in highlighting your hips. Pushing your hips out to one side and angling your body creates the illusion of curvier hips. Pop one hip out to accentuate it, keeping your legs slightly crossed.

Bend your figure in an S-shaped way to truly make those hips show. Crossing ankles while pushing hips out defines hip width and thigh gap.

Practice poses in the mirror to find what works for your body type.

7. Wear Dark Colors on the Bottom

A simple way to create curves is to wear dark colors on your lower half.

Black colors provide slimming, making your bottom half look thicker. This contrast between a dark bottom and a lighter top visually widens your hips. Solid black leggings or dark jeans paired with a bright or light-colored top is an easy optical illusion that makes your bottom half appear wider. This color blocking directs attention right to your hips.

6. Choose the Right Fabrics

The fabric and cut of your bottoms also impact how wide your hips appear. Stretchy fabrics accentuate curves and cling to your body, which outlines the shape of your hips. Leggings and skinny jeans grab the hips more than flowy or stiff fabrics. But be wary of overly compressing fabrics if you want to showcase width.

Alternatively, fabrics with volume and structure, like tulle skirts, can exaggerate the hips and add volume.

5. Wear Belts

Wearing belts is another old Hollywood trick for making waists appear smaller and hips look wider by contrast.

Cinching your waist draws attention to your middle before flaring out over the hips, playing up those curves. Try wide belts, Obi belts, corset belts, or patterned belts that further define the waist. Place your hands on your waist with a belt to emphasize the separation between the upper and lower body.

4. Go for Volume on the Bottom

The shape and volume of clothes you choose control the perceived width of your hips. A-line skirts, full-circle skirts and dresses, flared jeans, and wide-leg pants all add volume around the hips and thighs for the illusion of fuller hips.

A belted waist coupled with a full skirt that sticks out well past your hips delivers serious volume. Try skater dresses and circle skirts to balance shoulder width.

The goal is to draw attention downward to the appearance of curves.

3. Stick to Thick Straps over Slim

Thin spaghetti straps make shoulders appear wider which counterbalances the look of fuller hips. To keep focus on the lower body, wear thick straps and horizontal lines up top. Thick straps, cap sleeves, off-the-shoulder, boat necks, and high necks compliment a curvy lower half.

2. Minimize Shoulders

Drawing attention away from your shoulders avoids downplaying the hips.

Limiting shoulder details will prevent widening this area, which contrasts with curvier hips. Stay away from puffy sleeves, ruffles, and padding around the shoulders. Keep accessories minimal as well to keep focus below.

You want all eyes directed at those hips, so keep your shoulders plain. Oversized shoulder details compete with gorgeous hips, which diminishes your shape.

1. Try Hip Pads

Hip pads are an option for special occasions or adding dramatic curves. Hip pads are cushion inserts placed at the hips underneath clothing to boost the projection of the hips for an impactful dimension.

Start with subtle, small pads just on the outer hips before graduating to more substantial pads that go from the hip bone to the upper thigh. Placement, angle, and volume of pads take experimentation to get the ideal balance.

Improper pads feel obvious and awkward, so practice positioning before relying on pads. Well-chosen pads blend beautifully for a stunning transformation.

Exercises to Make Your Hips Appear Wider

Doing certain workouts can help make your hips get bigger over time. These exercises focus on working the muscles along the outer thighs and sides of your butt. Some good moves are:

1. Squats: Stand with feet wide apart. Send your hips back as if sitting in a chair. Engage the glutes and press back to start. Do 3 sets of 12 reps. 

2. Lunges: Step one foot forward, bend both knees to drop hips straight down, then back up. Repeat on each side for 3 sets of 10 lunges.

3. Clamshells: Lie on one side, knees bent. Lift the top knee open and closed without moving the pelvis. Do 20 on each side.

4. Resistance band walks: Place the band around the ankles. Take tiny steps to the side, keeping your feet hip-width apart. Do 3 sets on each side.

5. Stick to these moves 2-3 times a week. After a few weeks, you’ll notice your jeans fit differently as your hips get more muscle.


There are many advantages to having wider hips. It can help give your body more curves.

The good news is that there are lots of tricks to make your hips seem bigger.  You can wear certain clothes that add volume around your hips. Doing exercises that work your thighs and buttocks will build muscle to get wider hips over time.

This article tried to highlight and explain all that you should do to make your hips look wider. In summary, you have to be patient, and in a few weeks, your hard work will pay off. We can assure you that your jeans will start to fit your new womanly figure better.

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